Saturday, September 26, 2009


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Monday, September 07, 2009

Watch out for links in e-mail

People are wising up to the dangers of e-mail attachments. Many companies filter out specific types of file attachments. And security software will often catch malicious attachments.

So, scammers are increasingly using Web sites to infect victims' machines. They send out spam messages with links.

The links may or may not have an accompanying message. When you click one, you're taken to a malicious site. It will check your machine for security weaknesses. If it finds one, it will attempt to download malware to you. If not, it could try to trick you into downloading a file. Read more...

Friday, September 04, 2009

How to Remove Rootkits

Of all the nasty, evil, sneaky malware ever to infect millions of computers, the species know as the "rootkit" may well be the nastiest, evilest, and sneakiest. Rootkits are very difficult to detect; even harder to find once their effects have been detected; and eradicating them is extremely difficult.

What Does a Rootkit Do?

When a rootkit payload is executed it may do several sneaky things.

  • It may start services running in RAM and hide them from Windows Task Manager or another application that monitors services.
  • It may copy its own insidious files over identically named system files, so there's no "new" filename there when you look.
  • It may and often does hide the files it writes from your operating system so you can't even see them at all. This trick can even hide rootkits from antivirus software.