Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My New Blog

Hi everyone,

I am starting something new; a blog. Instead of sending out computer related stories, links, websites and the like, I am going to publish them here at my blog. All you have to do is come to this site to see what is new. Many of the links to programs and software appears here will then go to my website.

I encourage anyone to post here with problems, questions, comments, and topics you would like to see covered.

Let me hear from you.



lrand said...

Don, Congraduations on your new Blog.

Ginfizz said...

Great info!
Where did the Travel Club trips online go? Have trouble finding the flyers around town! Online was great!

Computer Help For Seniors said...

I am going out of town until Saturday. I will research this for you then.


Computer Help For Seniors said...

For ginfizz:
In order to help you I need some more information. There are lots of travel clubs online. Do you have an exact address for this (these) travel club(s)?

Ginfizz said...

The Sun City Travel Club!

Computer Help For Seniors said...

Here it is:

Gadabouts Travel Club